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You are a Foodie, a Selfie Artist or an Online Gamer and absolutely cannot live without your Smartphone. But when you travel, you disconnect because of high data roaming charges. That doesn't have to be so anymore. With a local prepaid SIM card, you can stay connected always. Post your pictures on Instagram, update your status on Facebook, shout out on Twitter or chat with you friends on Whatsapp. Stay who you are even when you travel with LocalSIMKad™.

And right now we are have discounts on some hot destinations as well!

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About Us helps you easily book a local prepaid SIM card of your travel destination before you even get there. We partner with local telcos so you get the lowest data, call & SMS rates. With a LocalSIMKad, you can stay connected always on all your favorite mobile apps like Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp without any roaming charges.

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Why LocalSIMKad?

  • Stay connected on Google, Facebook & Whatsapp when you travel
  • Awesome Savings ~ No Roaming Charges
  • Easy Booking, Registration, Collection & Activation
  • Superb choice of packages
  • Money Back Guarantee (terms apply)